China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association

China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association (CEPEA) was established in July 1987. It is a national industry association with qualification of mass organization legal person ratified by Ministry of Civil Administration of PRC. It is directed by Ministry of Industry and Information.

The electronic production equipment industry is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of equipment for electronic products manufacturing. Members of CEPEA include state run, enterprises privately run enterprises, single -venture enterprises and joint-venture enterprises registered within Chinese border, which are attached to the electronic, mechanical and aviation industries, Chinese Academy, college and university engaged in the research and development of electronic production equipment. By the end of December 2013, it has 115 unit members (no individual member is accepted up to now).

Since established for 27 years, CEPEA has been carrying out all policies, laws and regulations of China. The purpose of the association is to offer the excellent service for the members, users and government and stick up for legal right and economic benefit of whole industry and members. It likes a bridge and ligament between the government and members. It has been promoting the development of electronic production equipment.

   The products of the association members include the following eight catalogues:
   1. Semiconductor devices, IC and solar cell manufacturing equipment
   2. Equipment for electro-vacuum devices and flat panel display (FPD)
   3. Equipment for electric components, electromechanical module
   4. Environment protection equipment for the air cleaning, other gases and water purification and equipment for waste water treatment, electromagnetic shielding and electrostatic prevention
   5. Climate and environment simulation equipment and reliability test equipment
   6. Electronic set assembly and SMT equipment
   7. General purpose equipment for electronic industry
   8. Special tools and dies for electronic industry
CEPEA will make more effort to serve the members users and government, promote the development of the members and the production equipment industry and provide a firm foundation for the development of China information industry.
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